if I have to fight for your attention I probably won’t even want it anymore

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I’m bored ask me things :)

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1. I have lost 30 pounds since last summer. I have PCOS and I’m fighting like hell to beat it.

2. I have two puppies. Kovu and Castiel. 🐾

3. My husband is my best friend and basically my most favorite person in the world.

4. We’ve been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years. If this round of fertility treatment doesn’t work I’m going to scream.

5. We are moving into our first house soon and I’m so excited!

6. We are Harry Potter nerds.

7. We want to get a cat soon.

8. We have epic baby names planned.

9. I’m really bad at making friends. I was bullied in school and I’m forever terrified of people not liking me.

10. I have three piercing and want more!